“Someone is sitting in the shade today
because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”

- Warren Buffett


Every family has its diversity and talents with their own value based priorities. Our primary goal is to respect and strengthen each family member’s talent and while helping to develop commonalities to ensure the successful transition of values and assets to the next generation.

To achieve this transition for wealthy families with complex requirements, we provide sustainable strategies and offer integrated financial services beyond traditional asset management. We pride ourselves in being able to connect institutions and high net worth individuals across the globe. We work with a network of affiliates across Europe, Middle East.

  • Time, life's most precious gift


Our philosophy of asset management is based on individual, discreet and comprehensible decision-making at all times. Our strategy is one of sustainable investment. We do not take risks that we are not familiar with. Our long-lasting relationships with our customers are characterised by mutual trust, commitment and passion.

We are independent

  • Access to institutional funds as opposed to retail
  • Innovative investment approach
  • Targeting better risk adjusted return performance than benchmark
  • Single contact for all your financial services
  • Boutique service-you belong to a circle of selected clients, enabling us to fully focus on your specific need

Our commitment is continual overview, review and protection of our clients’ interests. It extends through and beyond financial and investment risks, strategy and allocation. As a proven and trusted partner in our clients endeavors, our goal is to preserve our clients wealth in every aspect.


Our clients individual interest and profitability are in our direct and exclusive focus. As an independent financial boutique our decision are not influenced by internal bank policies and profit centers.

A professional family office can be tailored to meet the needs of both wealthy families and private customers. Our services help reduce the burden on family members and private individuals in many ways. By providing a defined structure and division of assets we help to resolve conflicts within the family before they arise.

Black  Oak Family Office SA works in the background to organise and optimise the interests of the family and relatives. Particularly in the case of families whose members are frequently on the move, with homes and business interests spread across the globe, Black Oak Family Office SA can serve as a central coordinating hub and port of calm in hectic times.